Wanted – Two Party State

“When I discussed marriage equality with my 11-year-old daughter, I had to explain that not long ago in parts of the country, African-Americans and whites could not legally marry. I might as well have been describing the conflicts between Henry Clay’s Whigs and Andrew Jackson’s Democrats. Her incredulous look makes me feel both old and happy. It is what progress looks like.” – Scott Arceneaux, Politico Magazine

At some point, the racists, homophobes and xenophobes die out. That’s the reality (and the hope) for American politics. The Republican Party can’t survive as currently configured. A political party consisting completely of White men has no future in the United States. Neither does one consisting completely of Blacks or Hispanics or Gays. We have (thankfully) grown beyond that. A political party in the modern United States must appeal to the people of the United States. Those people are increasingly Black, Brown, Yellow and Red. And, they are increasingly less concerned with those separations.The Republican Party has spent the last 40 years stoking racial division and, like an old school professional wrestler, loudly proclaiming their innocence while slipping the razor blade of hate into their sweat-drenched trunks. We weren’t fooled then and we aren’t fooled now. 

That is the spike in the heart of the modern Republican Party and the hope for the future Republican Party and the United States. A single party system would be the death knell for our great country. It is vital that the Republican Party be changed or replaced immediately. A return to its former roots is best for everyone. If it can’t or won’t make that return, it is the duty of every American to work to eliminate the Republican Party and replace it with a healthy opposition. 

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