Life is Alright in America

People tend to want to have someone to look down on. That is the true message of the Tea Party and the Radical Right. Let’s codify which types of people are at the bottom of our national hierarchy because they are rapidly forgetting their place. Gays…you can’t marry. Blacks…you can’t vote. Women…you can be paid less for the same work. Hispanics…you can be stopped, arrested, held and deported even if you are an American citizen. Arabs…you can’t worship or travel freely. Military…you can be left to be homeless or commit suicide on the street after you’ve fought to protect our oil addiction. Now if we can just get all of those groups to hate each other, we’ll have it made. Seems like a lot of Black folks have bought into that when it comes to Gays. Congratulations. Nobody oppresses more than the oppressed when given a chance. Welcome to the Tea Party’s America.

One thought on “Life is Alright in America

  1. Do not forget the Tea Party’s brand of hateful Christianity, their reinterpretation of Christ. What I can not understand is how thinking people can listen to the Cruz’s and Palin’s and Perry’s and think that their message is okay. I was watching Cruz on CNN this morning actually say GOOD things about Ted Nugent. SMH.


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