The New Jim Crow

ImageSo I know the hate did not begin with Chick-Fil-A and it won’t end with Arizona. It also isn’t really about gays, it’s about fear. When gays started moving out of the little enclaves that had been set aside for us in the big cities and moved into the suburbs, we crossed a line. We insisted on being accepted as “normal” refusing to stay in the box “good Christians” had begrudgingly allowed us. When we stood against Chick-Fil-A we crossed another. We showed that we would act as a group and demand to be heard. By wanting the right to marry, we crossed yet another line. We demanded recognition of who we are and legitimization of our relationships and our families by society. We became uppity. That’s right, like the blacks of the 60’s, we dared look our former oppressors in the eye like we are their equal!! Nothing will put fear into the heart of a bigot more than that. “Uppity Fags thinking they are as good as me!”

The Arizona law is a sad, but expected, backlash against our temerity. The question is whether society will embrace Jim Crow or whether we will embrace the American ideal of “all men are created equal.” Time will tell!

– M Scott Grohocki-Proctor

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