An Open Letter to Black America

Dear Black Folks:

Woolworth Lunch Counter
Soon to be common sight throughout the United States?

Or African Americans, if you prefer. If you don’t see where the Georgia and Arizona laws are headed, you deserve what is about to happen. Don’t let the prejudice of the Black church against Gays lead you to support laws that are as designed to return us to government sanctioned and protected racial discrimination as they are to codify sexual orientation discrimination. Let me say that again. Those laws, as written, don’t just apply to sexual orientation. They also apply to race.

If you don’t want to return to the days of not getting served in restaurants, being turned away from Hotels and denied public accommodations, do something now. These laws allow all of that to start up again.

Letting your historical bigotry against Gays return us to pre-Civil Rights Act America would be stupid. Don’t be stupid.


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