Things are the same all over

Russia has its own Radical Right and its own version of Fox News telling lies and beating the drums for a war that they will watch comfortably on television while young men and women die in the mud and muck. Meanwhile, Ukraineour Radical Right and Fox News do exactly the same. Am I saying that the events in Ukraine are right or justifiable or acceptable? No. What I’m saying is that cowards sitting at home should stop beating their chests and selling wolf tickets that they don’t have to back up. If only we had a rule that said, if you’re a politician AND you vote for or condone any sort of war, you and your immediate family must participate on the front line in an infantryman role. Regardless of age or sex or infirmity.

Leonid Ragozin at Politico Magazine has a great write up on what is being said in Russia about the situation in Ukraine. It all sounds so depressingly familiar.

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