Familiarity breeds acceptance?

Unless there is a major stumble, the Republicans have lost their major talking point for the mid-term elections and, more importantly, for the 2016 Presidential contest. Obamacare will continue to grow in popularity as more Americans experience it and realize that little of what the Radical Right is saying is true.Obamacare is Working

Does it have problems? Of course. It was created by humans, after all. Do those problems justify returning to what we had? Nope.

– Eliot

One thought on “Familiarity breeds acceptance?

  1. Quite right, Eliot. I keep waiting for the bomb to drop that will feed the radicals ammunition. I had anticipated a bogdown at healthcare.gov in the final days, and it happened, but no major issues, so, all good. There is simply no denying that the ACA is a major step forward in US healthcare.


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