Money Politics in the USA

I just received an email from CREDO SuperPAC. They are very concerned that I may not have heard that the Koch Brothers are trying to steal an election in North Carolina. There’s all kinds of horrible things these Koch Brothers are doing and CREDO kochbrothersSuperPAC needs my (financial) help to stop them.

CREDO SuperPAC organizers and volunteers are combating the Kochs’ efforts to suppress the vote by literally going door-to-door to make sure Koch-targeted voters know how to cast ballots that count on Election Day.

They then make sure that I know a bit about the Republican running for Senate in North Carolina

When we tell voters that Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis defunded his state’s public schools, closed women’s health clinics and lifted the ban on fracking, they are fired up to go vote against him.

But, search as I might, I can’t find one word about the Democrat. Not even a name. Nothing to tell me why I would spend money to put this person in the Senate. Just how horrible Thom Tillis is/was/always will be.

I think that I’m supposed to faint at the mere mention of the Koch Brothers so that CREDO SuperPAC can rifle through the loose change in my pockets while I’m out. How about a little something on who deserves my vote? I already know who doesn’t. You want to get people out to vote? Give them something to vote for. Not against.

That is the lesson of Barack Obama. Two elections that he won because more people wanted to vote for him than those who wanted to vote against. The Republicans ignored that lesson. I wonder if the Democrats will do the same?

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