Obama’s Scandal

This is disgraceful and an actual scandal that lies at the feet of President Obama. This madness must stop. Of course it won’t. Not with the incoming Republican Majority and a brand new shiny boogie man to feed the never satisfied maw of the Military Industrial Complex. That maw chews up honor, integrity, ethics along with the skin, guts and blood of the young people we send. All in the name of…what? There was a time that I knew but that is rapidly fading away. President Bush had many faults but the worse was the macho crap that had us grabbing the tar baby that is the Middle East. Now, Mr. Obama has his own firm grasp on it. And, like Mr. Bush, his flailing about trying to get unstuck does serious damage to international and domestic law. Torture happens in his (and our) name. New definitions are created to help some feel better about this torture. Under Mr. Bush it was “enhanced interrogation”. Mr. Obama has is “long-term non-religious fasting”. And just what does that look like? What do you mean by that?

force feeding

Welcome to the big leagues, Mr. President. You’re committing a war crime.

Read Andrew Sullivan’s longer handling of this subject here.

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