Life in the RiverHouse

Went to pick up the pork shanks (or pork knuckle as the Germans insist) and pork bellies (going to make 4 different kinds of Scriba Meatsbacon) from the butcher. Pulled up outside of the shop and saw a sign that said “NY Strip $ 4.99 per lb.” I knew that they sold NY Strip for $14.99 per pound which is way outside of our budget since one of us gave up his job as an IT Exec and joined the lucrative profession of “Professional Photographer”. So, I assumed that the space after the dollar sign was where the “1” blew off in our wind storm last night.

As I was looking over the shanks and bellies, Becky the Butcher asked if there was anything else I needed. I said “No, unless you want to sell me some Strips for the $4.99 per pound out there on your sign?” She said “How thick and how many pounds?”.

I love living in the country. And Seal-A-Meal.

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