Ben Carson Is An Idiot

Let’s just put that out there. It’s as if the Republican Party has this cache of the dumbest Black folks on the planet and drags one of them out every 4 years. Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and, now, Ben Carson. Here’s how the dance goes: Mr. Carson will announce his candidacy, many Republicans will make a great show of “supporting” him, he will be in the top 3 in the polls, he will give speeches and continue saying moronic things like this:

Ben Carson connects violence to ‘women’s lib movement’

Eventually, his support will drop off and people will cite the “racist Democratic media” as being biased against him. Expect the words Blacks and plantations to be tossed around quite a bit by the usual suspects.  He’ll slip off the scene and attempt to go back to Roger Ailes. Fox will give him a few spots of being a “Special Correspondent” for about 6 months. Finally, Mr. Carson will return to the speech circuit to fleece folks who want to hear a Black man explain how they’ve been right about “those people” all along. In 2018, you will hear about the next Great Black Hope from the Republicans and the dance starts all over. Do I blame Mr. Carson? Nope. It is the Dennis Miller Road to Success:

Everybody will pay to see a unicorn.

There is money to be made being the Republicans pet Negro. However, there is only room for one at a time. Ben Carson is it for 2014 and will rule through 2016.

In 2018, Mia Love will step up to the plate. She has the perfect combination of Black and stupid that the Republicans love. Being a woman makes her a lock for the position. It gives them the opportunity to claim racial AND gender inclusiveness. The bonus here is that her intellect verifies both their belief in Murray’s “The Bell Curve” and every misogynistic thought they’ve ever had.

And the beat goes on….