How to have a good time at South by Southwest

I meant to repost this sooner but just got to it. Here’s Steve Circeo writing about SXSW last year.

RiverHouse Chronicles

It’s that time of year again here in South-Central Texas — time for the South by Southwest, or SXSW, as it’s now known, music festival.

The two weeks of SXSW — which includes film and interactive media components — are a perfect time for residents of Austin, Texas, where the festival is held, to get the hell out of town. If you are one of the Austinites who stays in town, you will notice that the streets are even more congested than usual and your neighbors are more likely than not to have some strange-looking temporary houseguests.

I live about an hour south of Austin, in San Antonio, and, although I am a huge music lover, I have always endeavored to avoid Austin during SXSW, even when my small company decided to help out a few of our favorite local bands by sponsoring a showcase for the past few years.


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