Scott Proctor

So it has come down to this. People are finally finding success in writing hate and discrimination into the law. This is not religious freedom, this is religious fervor run amok.

I, for one, am done with this bullshit.

I am done with the people so concerned that their rights to judge others will be threatened by equality. With the people who are afraid they will have to sell something to someone they hate, that someone they hate might be able to rent an apartment near them. That fear the idea that someone they work with might be gay.

I am done with idiots who think that in order to protect them from their God’s wrath they should be able to kill anyone they think does not live up to their religious principles.

I have a gun in the house. Rick has a gun he carries. I am seriously thinking of getting one myself

so that I can protect my freedom to breathe at all times.

George Takei called for a boycott of Indiana which I will follow. Easy enough to do since I do not live there but, whatever. I look forward to seeing the looks on these smug hypocritical sonsabitches’ faces when their God sends them straight to hell.

What would Jesus do???


If this post bothers you, you probably believe in the right to discriminate in the name of God and, if so, I am not going to pray for your soul. I am going to pray you get your just rewards. I hope this does not include people on my friends list but I have my suspicions that it does.

I will rue your absence but I will not be a second class human being for anyone especially those who ‘have a lot of friends that are gay‘ but need to ensure they still have a right to discriminate.

M. Scott Grohocki-Proctor

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