MLK was wrong

Dr. King was wrong. There are many who remain completely satisfied as long as the “African-American” is the victim. Their dissatisfaction will only come when they realize that all Americans are potential and actual victims of police brutality. Regardless of color.
Today, in America, many folks support police brutality as long as the victims are “thugs” or “gangsters” or “savages”. And, to those that support police brutality, those are just synonyms for Black (or African-American, if you must).
They simply aren’t seen as human.
Don’t believe me? Ask any apologist if they are troubled by police brutality against thugs or gangsters or savages. Then ask them if they are troubled by police brutality against Americans. In fact, ask any American the same question. You’ll find that we are reluctant to harm our fellow man BUT these aren’t our fellow men. They are thugs or gangsters or savages. They aren’t human.
The first step in engaging any enemy is to remove their humanity. Once you’ve done that, anything you do to them is fair game.
They aren’t human. They are Japs. They are Krauts. They are Gooks. They are Towelheads or Sandniggers. They are Thugs. But they aren’t people.

You can’t firebomb hundreds of thousands of people. But Krauts?

Dresden, Germany

You can’t drop an atomic bomb on people. But Japs?

Hiroshima, Japan

You can’t massacre entire villages of unarmed men, women and children. But Gooks?

My Lai, Vietnam

You can’t waterboard, torture and murder people. But Towelheads and Sandniggers?

Abu Ghraib
Abu Ghraib Prison

You can’t kill unarmed children in the street. But Thugs? Gangsters? Savages? Niggers?

Emmett Till

Police brutality will continue in this country as long as a large enough segment of the population see anyone that is not exactly like them as less than human. As animals. As “the other”.

It’s time for us to stand together and make this stop. So, Dr. King was wrong. It’s not about “African-Americans” (or “Negroes” as Dr. King actually said) It’s about people . Until we realize that and act accordingly, people will continue to kill those they feel aren’t people.

Even though they are.


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