True Christians

Dear American “Christians” –
Not allowing you to discriminate against those you hate isn’t persecution. It’s Democracy.
This is persecution.
Christian Kenyan Students Massacred by  Islamic Extremists
Christian Kenyan Students Massacred by Islamic Extremists
Have you done anything to support the survivors of these brothers and sisters (and, they were your brothers and sisters) that live with the threat of summary execution every day because they are Christians?
Or, are you too busy complaining about your government not stripping the rights away from other people to satisfy your own prejudices, bigotry and (wrong) interpretation of the Bible? 
Christianity isn’t the hate that you’ve been spreading all over the United States like some sort of demented Johnny Appleseeds hoping that it sprouts and takes root from sea to shining sea. Christianity isn’t us on the other side of the gun and asking “Are you Muslim?” or “Are you homosexual?” or “Are you atheist?” before we put a bullet in them. Or before we create laws to persecute them.
In fact, Christianity is saying to the Muslim, Homosexual, Atheist and everyone else “When they come for you they will have to go through me because I love you in His name”. Christianity says “Please forgive us for not living up to Christ’s ideals in loving and caring for you.”
WWJD is the easiest question in the world to answer. Once you put your prejudices and hate aside. Until then, it is impossible to know.

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