The Bucket

This is our youngest, Cameron. For unknown reasons, he has been called “Bucket” his whole life. He is one of our set of fraternal twins and is will be 21 years old this year.

© RiverHouse Photography of Caughdenoy, NY
© RiverHouse Photography of Caughdenoy, NY

He is an amazing kid. As a child he was “behind” his twin sister on all of the development milestones: holding his head up, rolling over, walking and talking.  But in each of those, he simply did it. He made no tentative moves. He didn’t stand up while holding on things and then fall and continue doing that over and over again for a few weeks until he got it. He watched his sister go through the trial and error. It was as if he was analyzing the mechanics involved and then applying them once he fully understood it.

I remember being concerned about how long it was taking him to crawl and walk. Our eldest, Brandon, looked at him and told me “Don’t worry, Dad. He’s thinking big thoughts. Once he has it figured out, he’ll walk.” Brandon was sure that Cameron was some sort of magical being that God gave us.

And he was right. He simply stood up one day and started walking.

As Cam grew, so did his heart. He is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest soul on the Earth. As a child, we would have to stop him from taking money out his Mom’s purse to give to kids in class who were in need. We would get notes from teachers informing us that Cam had given some ungodly sum of money to whatever charitable cause came up. Usually it was his birthday money (a not inconsiderable sum). And he gave it all. Not a portion.


He never asked for designer clothes or shoes. Never for faddy electronic games. Only for money to donate to some cause or another. Or to give to a hungry classmate. He is legendary for helping. And rightfully so. With Cameron in Auburn, he’s taken on the duty of making sure that my parents (his grandparents) are OK. Always.

Cam struggled through High School but persevered. When it came time to go to college, Cam said he wanted to go to Auburn University. Auburn is notoriously hard to get into and his grades made it unlikely. We found a program at a branch of Auburn that promised that if you went their for one year AND did well, you would be able to transfer to Auburn.

Cam joined and…Dean’s List. In Civil Engineering. Both semesters.

Even more importantly for Cam, my parents live in Auburn and, as they get older, someone needs to be there for them. I’m pretty sure that’s the real reason he went to Auburn – to take care of Granny and Gramps.

Why am I writing this?

To tell the small part of the world that reads my musings, that I love this boy and the man he has become. We are so proud that he chose our family to be born into.

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