Rising of the Machines


There is no more human activity then cooking. It combines creativity, science, & a basic human need. The computer can cook, can create recipes that are unique and satisfying, then how far is it until they actually think.

IBM’s Watson has learned how to cook. Not just combine ingredients but actually cook.

Watson, of course, can accomplish the basic task of combining nutritional elements together. It can also easily determine the cooking methods needed for a specific route. All that information is suited for a computer by its very nature.

However, IBM engineers have taught Watson what humans consider good tasting. They’ve taught Watson flavor profiles and mouth feel based on the ingredients and the combinations of the ingredients. In other words, they have reduced the mystery of thought to simply a series of ones and zeros. Not just the data but actual process of reasoning.

Is this a good thing? Is this progress? Where does this week?

I can’t wait to find out.

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