Jesus v. “Christians”

“If Jesus isn’t the “lens” evangelicals and Roman Catholics read the Bible and their traditions through then whatever they say to the contrary they do not really believe Jesus is the son of God.”
Frank Shaeffer, Alternet

And if you don’t believe that Jesus is the son of God, you might be a really, really religious person BUT guess what religion you’re not an actual part of?

That is the truest thing I’ve read in years. I would ask that my atheist and agnostic friends realize that this is the truth that many Christians live with. Those who spread a message contrary to Jesus truly do not believe He is the Son of God. Otherwise, why would they work so hard to find justification for all of the actions they take that are directly opposed to everything He said, everything He did and everything He stands for? So when you hear the hatefulness that is so obviously not in keeping with the teachings of Christ, please don’t attribute to Christians. It isn’t.

And they aren’t

Please realize that the followers of Christ (versus the followers of men that claim to follow Christ) follow Christ.

Not Paul

Not Peter

Christ alone

The followers of men that claim to follow Christ actually follow tradition and their own prejudice. They then try to justify it by claiming that the words of the Christ are advisory and carry no more weight than any other man referenced in the Bible. Oddly, they are wrong according to Jesus for He informed us that He is the truth. He is the light.

Not Paul

Not Peter

Christ alone

Not Pope Francis. Not the Elder in your church. Not your preacher. Not your priest. Not a nun. Jesus and Jesus alone.

There is a movement in the church to pretend that the “red words” aren’t special. It is wrong. The words that the Word actually spoke are special. The pronouncements of the creator of all creation should not be ignored or twisted to support your own prejudice.

It is that simple.

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