Save 900,000 Babies. Stop Marriage Equality!

My initial thought in reading Dana Milbank’s piece in the Washington Post, The new argument against gay equality: Same-sex marriage killswas to find the data that is being used to support what, on its face, seems like a ridiculous argument based on bigotry and homophobia. So, I did. I didn’t have to look very far since it is included in Mr. Milbank’s article.
This is one of those not infrequent instances when a member of the Radical Right makes an argument and cites information that directly refutes the argument. all at the same time. All without even a glimmer of self-awareness.
While chuckle-inducing, it has the undesired effect of drowning out the ideas of true Conservatives. So, in our political discourse, we are left with a choice between a reasonable Left wing position and an unreasonable Right wing position. In many cases, self preservation leads us to the reasonable Left wing position. This leads to the gradual lean to the Left of the country as the Radical Right gets stronger and stronger.
They pull, we adjust
America is a moderate and lazy country. We don’t want to go too far in either direction but don’t want to work too hard to keep it from happening. So we make these subtle course corrections that play out over decades. And that always, always, always works against the more aggressive of the two political poles.
  • Greed begat Slavery
  • Slavery begat Civil War
  • Civil War begat Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction begat Jim Crow
  • Jim Crow begat Civil RIghts
  • Civil Rights begat Tea Party
  • Tea Party begat ??
If the Radical Right wants to get ahead in the long run, they need to think more Aikido and less Muay Thai.
(Hat tip to John Belt)

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