Hello, Old Friend

Finding a friend that you’ve lost

Familiarity in the voice

Falling back into the same old patterns

Talking to each other as if you’d just talked last week

It’s been over 20 years

“On my way to pick up some cigarettes in Oregon.”

How ordinary. How magnificently ordinary

Secret squirrel attempts to locate him

Background checking organizations

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.

All of the social media that keeps you social

No help

Call his Mom

On the same number I’vevcalled hundreds of times and that is burned into my memory

She answers. Same voice. Same conversation. Nothing has changed


Talking into a time machine and hearing the words come tumbling out from 1976

She gives me his number. I promise not to wait 30 years to call again


I have his number

20 years and I finally have his number


And find out that he’s on his way to pick up some cigarettes

Everything OK? Yep

Talk to you soon. Yep

Wasn’t that what we said last time?


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