Your House, Your Rules

Priest Fired

Father Warren Hall was removed from his position at Seton Hall University for supporting the “NO H8” campaign. Father Hall says that his post was directed at the overall concept of not hating others rather than specifically targeting the hate that Gays suffer daily. A petition has been started calling for his reinstatement and looking to get 10,000 signatures.

A most worthy cause

I can’t/won’t sign this petition because I am not a Catholic and I believe that religions are free to hate anyone they choose. If I were Catholic, I would sign. If you are Catholic, I beg you to sign and support basic Christianity in your religion.

If you don’t have the same compunction as I, PLEASE SIGN

I believe that any rule the hierarchy of the Catholic church comes up with is a proper rule for the Catholic church. If Catholics disagree with the rulings of their leadership, it is up to Catholics to fix it or go elsewhere. Outsiders insisting that Catholics follow the rules and norms of society will not help anyone. In fact, it will only serve to cause the leadership to dig in their heels.

Honey, vinegar, flies…you know the drill

However, as with this case, I often believe those rules are in direct conflict with the rules for being a Christian as articulated by Christ.

Even for those who believe that the words of Christ are of no special import (an attitude held by Christians and non-Christians alike), it is clear that the Lord of the Bible is not a Lord of HATE. Even if one believes the Bible outlaws homosexuality (which it doesn’t), it is still clear that Jesus offers salvation to the homosexual and heterosexual under the same terms:

  1. Hear the gospel
  2. Believe in the one God
  3. Repent of all sin
  4. Confess Jesus as Lord
  5. Be immersed in water for the remission of sins

There are no additional steps for those that are attracted to folks of the same sex. No secret ceremony. No payola that needs to go to the church leadership. No special handshake. Not one thing more.


So what’s the hang up? Why are Christians fighting Christians about this? What has led people that supposedly have read the Bible to find justification for hate and discrimination in there? What madness has infected Christians so much that they plead with the government to allow them to openly discriminate against Gays with a vehemence that was previously reserved only for Blacks?

And, most importantly, why are Black Christians at the forefront of this Christian hate tsunami? It all seems so complicated.

It’s not

The answer lies in the middle of a classic joke told by the inimitable, Richard Pryor.

It is the very real need to have someone, anyone lower on the social totem pole that drives so many Blacks to support discrimination even though we are more than familiar with the pain and suffering that discrimination causes. In Mr. Pryor’s joke, it was the Vietnamese. Today it is homosexuals

The lingering effects of slavery and it’s rape culture (heterosexual and homosexual) continue to drive the attitudes among Blacks. Many still live lives of separation and segregation that differ only slightly from slavery or Jim Crow. The belief that there is someone worse off than they are keeps them going. And, whatever it is that makes them worse off, has to be an indelible characteristic that can’t be changed or removed. It has to be part of the person’s very being.

Society has to make that characteristic so unappealing that even the people that have it, try anything and everything (up to, and including, suicide) to rid themselves of it. They must be forced to believe that they aren’t “normal” and if they just tried harder they would be. Of course, that isn’t true.

Clergy, who have a financial stake in keeping Black Christians ignorant, make sure that they keep the sense of victimhood necessary to keep them looking for someone, anyone lower than themselves.

Separate and unequal

Homosexuals are ready made for the role of low man/woman on the totem pole. They are traditional victims (like Jews, Blacks, Armenians, etc) and, to a certain degree, have become familiar with that role. The Bible is twisted to support this hate (like with Jews, Blacks, Armenians, etc.) by those who benefit from keeping the majority of Black Christians misinformed of the true message of Jesus the Christ.

Would Jesus discriminate?

No. He wouldn’t. Can you still consider yourself a Christian (a follower of Christ) if you do? No. If you follow Christians but not Christ, you are a Christianist. Christianists have no claim on salvation. None.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.

– Jesus Christ

Unless these Christianists treat themselves with the same hate and derision that they treat homosexuals, they do not follow Christ’s “greatest commandment”. They follow hate and it’s Father.

It really is just that simple.


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