Happy Day, Phil!

Phil&II’m from Colorado Springs and proud of it. More specifically, I’m from Security-Widefield. A unique place in the United States. Small town where many of the people are active duty or retired military.

Main street America

Everyone knows everyone and the High School is the center of the community. And in that High School I made friends who’ve lasted. Some are the type of friends that you know will risk their lives for you…because they have.

Like Phil Arroyo

I’ve known Phil for about 40 years now. Haven’t seen him in a while but that hasn’t changed our relationship. Not one bit. And, today is his birthday. I won’t get to spend it with him…again. But I’m there in spirit. Celebrating the fact that we made it out of those early years relatively intact. That we found each other again in Augsburg, Germany of all places. That Facebook gave us the ability to stay in contact.

Mostly I’m celebrating Phil

A grand fellow, a loyal friend, a true brother. A good guy to have on your side when you need to have someone on your side. And he’s always done that for me. Been on my side.

Happy Day, Phil. I love you, brother.

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