Big Coal’s Gift to Bernie Sanders

In a  bit of political jiu-jitsu, the Environmentalists (aided and abetted by Big Business) have used the Keystone Pipeline to allow them to go after the true target: Big Coal.

And it worked

Almost every watt of new generating capacity is coming from natural gas, wind or solar; the coal industry now employs fewer workers than the solar industry, which barely existed in 2010.

Inside The War On Coal by Michael Grunwald on

This is a good thing. Anything that reduces our dependence on coal is a good thing. Now, it is time that we invested in the people that work in the coal industry. We can’t simply remove coal and treat the people as collateral damage.

That happens to often

Let’s spend the money now. Let’s make Community Colleges in coal producing regions free of charge. Let’s start training folks in the technologies that are needed today. As corny as it sounds, green is the direction they need to head in. Perhaps wind or solar work in the mountains that have been giving us coal for years.

Let’s use the people’s familiarity and experience in the energy field and build on it. It would just be changing from a dirty technology to a cleaner technology. That’s a good thing.

This seems like an issue that is tailor-made for Sen. Sanders. It’s progressive. It’s environmentally positive. It will create jobs. It will save entire regions of the country. Regions that will, eventually, disappear just as coal will. Unless we do something about it. Something like this.

A very good thing.


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