Bernie Sanders – Supervillain?

In what may be one of the worst written articles about economic policy ever, Kevin D. Williamson inadvertently lets the world know that the Radical Right are getting nervous about the traction that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is starting to get in the race for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

Mr. Williamson spends the first 4 paragraphs of his piece in the National Review Online, Bernie Sanders’s Dark Age Economics, explaining the meaning of money and it’s use in modern society. The entire lead-in is so obviously filler to meet the article word count that it is shameful.

The fifth paragraph is used to explain to us how minimum wages don’t work and are an “exercise in futility”. Of course, this ignores all of the very real data we have on the effect of minimum wages in the United States. They don’t tend to be an “exercise in futility”.

Since 1938, the federal minimum wage has been increased 22 times. For more than 75 years, real GDP per capita has steadily increased, even when the minimum wage has been raised. (emphasis mine)

– US Department of Labor

Once the filler is out of the way, Mr. Williamson explains the magnitude of the “sin” that Sen. Sanders has committed. And it’s a doozy.

This line of thinking historically has led to concentration camps, gulags, firing squads, purges, and the like, for a few reasons: The first is that free markets are not irrational; they are a reflection of what people actually value at a particular time relative to the other things that they might also value. (emphasis mine)

Mr. Williamson and the editors at the National Review have decided that Bernie Sanders, a Jew from Brooklyn, NY who lost many relatives to the evil that was Nazi Germany is himself a Nazi. If not a Nazi, he is infected with the same type of thinking that makes you do Nazi things.

Madness and hyperbole

According to the National Review, Sen. Sanders is just moments away from turning into the bastard love child of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and John Lennon. The only thing that can save him (and us) is to make sure he has no chance of getting anywhere near the Oval Office because if he gets to the Oval Office:

[T]he gentleman from Vermont will turn out to be another thug in the long line of thugs who have cleaved to his faith.

And, in case you forgot, that faith is…the minimum wage. Working to get all Americans a living wage, according to the Radical Right, is the same as Nazism, Communism, Socialism and Fascism all rolled into one.  Even a cursory knowledge of these ideologies would tell you that they are mutually exclusive.

So why the rush to get this steaming pile into public discourse? A rush that is evident by the publication of Mr. Williamson’s poorly written article in Mr. Buckley’s journal.

Bernie Sanders scares the crap out of the Republican Party

A contest between the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton is a contest between two Republicans. It would just be a matter of tamping down some of the Xenophobic, Misogynistic and Racist rhetoric during the general election AND play against Clinton-fatigue. The inevitable “scandals” that will be brought up also give the Republicans an advantage against Mrs. Clinton.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, represents an actual difference with the Republicans. It will be very difficult to out-populism Sen. Sanders. His are fresh and new ideas that may work. They are focused on the American people. Not it’s government or their corporate overlords.

Bernie Sanders is their worst nightmare: a Democrat in a country that agrees with Democrats. And this Democrat is passionate and committed. Sen. Sanders is a true believer in American exceptionalism. Not the faux jingoistic bull that the Radical Right pushes but the real belief that this country AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE are special and should be treated as such.

The National Review knows. It knows that Sen. Sanders is the true danger to the Radical Right. It knows that in a contest between Sen. Sanders and whoever the Republican candidate is, the Republicans lose. Barack Obama proved (twice) that the American people will vote for ideas that are new and challenging.

The National Review knows

And that’s why they published Mr. Williamson’s article. Poorly written and of no real use to anyone but beginning the process of chinking Sen. Sanders armor. Normally, they wait until later in the game to play the Nazi card. They wait until their opponent is obvious and then begin the smearing. They wait until the opponents true weaknesses are evident.

They wait

But no waiting this time. While many treat Sen. Sanders as an afterthought who’s only purpose is to drag Mrs. Clinton to the Left, the Radical Right are starting to see him as Dr. Doom or the Red Skull.

Bernie Sanders – Supervillain

Perhaps they know something we don’t?


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