Houston. We Have A Problem

Texas is a paradox. It is the home of some of the finest folks I know and the home of some of the most bigoted scum on the planet. Having said that, nothing justifies the pounding that Mother Nature is giving them.

I guess the one saving grace is that it addresses the 4 year long drought in parts of Texas. Of course, it’s shear size and diversity of environment means that some of Texas will continue to suffer from lack of water while other folks are just trying to survive the deluge.

In case you were wondering what the results of that deluge looks like, take a gander:

This video was taken by Kendal Larson, my brother-in-arms, award winning photographer and proprietor of Kendal Larson Photography in Houston, TX. Kendal was gracious enough to let me repost it here. To give you an idea of what you’re seeing, here’s Kendal:

So, here’s a bit of unedited video I shot this morning of the Brazos river, and the Sienna Plantation…subdivision and and the sports complex, which is now flooded by the river. We live about a mile or so from the river, down the railroad tracks you’ll see, leading off to the right. I’m grateful for the levees, I’ll tell ya that.

Anyway – it’s about 5 mins long – no music…just water. Lots of water.

Let’s keep praying for those folks down there.


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