Torture, Schmorture. Just Get On With The Killing

In this heated context, Justice Alito held, remarkably, that the constitutionality of a specific drug depends on its availability; since the state has to find some way of carrying out executions, Justice Alito reasoned, a faulty one is better than none at all.


There is a certain amount of barbarity necessary to take another person’s life. Enough that, in many cases, we punish that barbarity by performing the same barbarity on the perpetrator of these heinous crimes.

In modern times, we’ve tried to temper that barbarism with some compassion. Until now. Justice Alito has made it clear that his belief is the goal (dead bad guy) justifies the means (whatever necessary) regardless of the effect on our societal soul.


That 2016 election (and it’s included Supreme Court nominations) keeps getting more and more important.


Pedophiles Call For Same Rights As Homosexuals. Or Not?

When you are wrong, you lie. When you are right, there is no need. Behold the lie.

– Pat Dollard
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It isn’t even a well constructed line of BS but, like with the lies told about President Obama, it feeds the hate so it is repeated. Read that article and know how weak and stupid the forces of hate are.

We have won and will continue to win because our opponents have nothing but their hate while we have God and love on our side. I’ll take those odds.