A Vet Needs Our Help

I happen to know a disabled Viet Nam vet who has hit a wall, and needs a little help.

He’s been doing ok in life until recently. Had paid off his trailer in which he lives, and tho confined to a wheel chair health problems are catching up a bit. Worse, he had an electrical problem in his trailer that requires rewiring, which he cannot afford. His health issues are being exacerbated by his inability to heat his home now.

So – this guy served our nation – maybe, if ya have a couple coins to spare, you could send them his way?

Kendal Larson

Here’s a chance to directly help someone who needs help. Just a little bit of payback for a man that made the sacrifices our country asked of him and, as a result, finds himself on hard times. This comes from friend of the RiverHouse, Kendal Larson of Kendal Larson Photography in Houston, TX.

Won’t cost you but a mouse click and a few bucks you were going to blow on cigarettes and dwarf bowling, anyway. Click the lovely flag image from those fine folks at RiverHouse Photography and you’ll be taken to the GoFundMe.com page for Mr. Arnold Payne.

© 2015 RiverHouse Photography of Caughdenoy, NY
© 2015 RiverHouse Photography of Caughdenoy, NY

Click the flag

Be a mensch

Help a vet





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