The Challenge of Jesus – NT Wright

Whether you are a Christian or an atheist who is intellectually honest enough to do the research about the man many claim didn’t exist but many more worship, this is a book you want in your library. NT Wright is a smart man that doesn’t pretend the Bible says something it doesn’t.

His academic approach to Christianity is a refreshing difference from the “because it’s always been that way” approach of most Christian “scholars”. He proves that logic and intellect can also lead you to God.

Many Christians have been, frankly, sloppy in their thinking and talking about Jesus, and hence, sadly, in their praying and in their practice of discipleship. We cannot assume that by saying the word “Jesus”, still less the word “Christ”, we are automatically in touch with the real Jesus who walked and talked in first-century Palestine. . . . Only by hard, historical work can we move toward a fuller comprehension of what the Gospels themselves were trying to say.

 – N. T. Wright

It’s a worthy read.


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