Gay is the New Black

That is a fact. It is the truth. It is undeniable. If you think it isn’t, you are just wrong.

If you still don’t believe it, read this:

On their wedding day, turned away by NC magistrates

All of the pain and anger and shame that the Person’s went through in 1977, is being experienced everyday by Gay citizens across this country. For what they are and what God made them.

Too many people who claim to follow that God, make every effort to demonstrate their hate for homosexuals. Too many people who claim to preach Christ, preach anti-Christ when they call for discrimination against those that God has made in HIS image.

How they can follow Jesus the Christ and be so very hateful is beyond me. It is as if they spit in Jesus’ face every time they are faced with an opportunity to love and understand and accept God’s creation but decide to say that what God has made is bad. That what He made Is perverse. That what He made is not the “plan” because these men say so. God said it was good BUT fundamentalist Christians say “Hold on a minute! We decide whether these people that you made are good, God!”

How arrogant

Of course, that has been man’s modus operandi since God breathed life into the clay. Oddly enough, men always decide that in order to be good, others must be like them. They must look like them, act like them and love like them. If not they are “bad”.

Blacks were “bad” because they didn’t look like them. But then Blacks decided to form their own churches. Separate and unequal. So that they could decide what was good and let God know. This helped them feel like they were real people instead of the 3/5th the law said they were because they were “bad”.

And, as real people, they had to find someone that was “bad”. Otherwise, what would be the point in being a real person and how would they know they were “good”? But who?

Homosexuals are scary because they have feelings we heterosexuals don’t understand. They have sex in ways we don’t understand. They aren’t like us. And, since we are “good” (we tell ourselves that every Sunday in our segregated churches) and they aren’t like us, they must be “bad”.

“Huzzah, we’ve found our bad”

Celebration all around and pats on the back from those who formerly owned the Blacks for seeing the light that some people are just not as good as other people.

“That was all we were trying to get you to understand for the last 400 years. Glad to see you finally got it. Welcome to Christianism. It’s like Christianity except we’ve dispensed with that pesky Christ and just worship the traditions and prejudices of the religion itself. “

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Jesus’ answer to His persecutors.

I’m trying, Lord. I’m trying.


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