Mark 10 Twisted by Westboro Baptist Lite

MARK 10 TwistedIn Mark 10, Jesus is asked a very specific question about a very specific situation which, as is His way, He answers very specifically.

He is asked if a Man can divorce his Wife. He then answers about a Man divorcing his Wife. The Man is the “male” and the Wife is the “female”. Indeed, God made them “male and female”.

Does that mean He didn’t make some homosexual and some heterosexual? Obviously not.

Is there any honest way one could come to the conclusion that Mark 10:6 supports the currently fashionable homophobia among the “Christian” Radical Right? Nope.

How do I know that?

Homosexuals exist.
God is the only being in the universe with creative power.
Therefore, God created homosexuals.

God is omniscient and infallible.
According to the Bible, God looked at his creation and declared it good.
Homosexuals are part of creation.
Therefore, homosexuals are good.

But what about Mark 10:6?

First, the use of a single verse from scripture is the historical means by which the “Christian” Radical Right twist God’s words to fit their prejudices and support their bigotry. Anytime you see a single verse singled out as justification and especially for something that is anti-Christ, BEWARE.

Can His answer in Mark 10:6 be honestly applied to have anything to do with LGBT issues? No.


If Jesus wholeheartedly believed that everyone on the planet should suddenly become homosexual immediately OR if Jesus wholeheartedly believed that every homosexual on the planet should be put to a horrifying death, his words in Mark 10:6 wouldn’t change one bit. They would read exactly the same AND have exactly the same meaning. Therefore, it can’t be honestly used to support OR deny anything related to a persons sexuality.

Mark 10:6 is the verse most often done violence by folks like Mr. Ham, twisted for their own purposes and used as a cudgel against others with the result being more and more people are pushed away from Christ.

Who benefits from that?

Please, I beg you, whether you are a Christian or not, ignore these people who have their own agenda. Mark 10 is no more about homosexuality than it is about emu ranching or shrimp farming or neuroscience or astronomy or euclidean geometry.

It is about divorce. Period.

Who are the people promoting this falsehood? Church leadership who have become more enamored with their position than Christ. Preachers who are afraid of losing their jobs. Priests who believe in church tradition more than Christ’s love. Membership that can’t be bothered to read the words of the God they profess to worship.

These are the same class of people that preached servitude and slavery as the natural condition for Blacks. These are the same class of people that preach (to this day) second class citizenship in God’s kingdom for women.

God is love. When peoples words or actions are not loving, they aren’t from God. They are, by definition, anti-Christ. QED.

Where are they from?

As I said above, every time they push an anti-Christ agenda (usually with the bromide that “they hate the sin but love the sinner”), they push folks away from Christ. There is someone with that mission.

And I’m sure he appreciates the help.


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