Bernie Sanders is NOT Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader is a narcissistic lunatic that has been trying (and failing) to get back into the public spotlight for decades. His groundbreaking consumer protection work really did this country a service. It saved many lives AND brought the issue of automotive safety to the forefront of the American mind. It also made him a household name.

Mr. Nader then parlayed that fame into his role as the National Scold. Ostensibly protecting the consumer but really just pushing his own political ambition. An ambition that culminated in a failed third-party run for president in 2000.

That run is widely believed to have resulted in the disastrous election of George W. Bush. That belief, while sincerely held by many, is wrong. Al Gore lost because Al Gore was a horrible candidate who was running on inevitably and trying to run away from the hyper-successful record of the administration he had been a part of for 8 years. Mr. Gore wanted to be his own man.

That man was a loser

And, now comes Bernie Sanders. Unlike Ralph Nader, Sen. Sanders is running in his own party. He is articulating a position that is squarely within Democratic orthodoxy AND that is resonating with Main Street America because it is what Main Street America, all of it, wants. He doesn’t want to burn down the house to save it. He wants to put out the fire.

Rather than being a repudiation of the Democratic Party, Sen. Sanders and his supporters are trying to wrest control of the Democratic Party from the Clinton-backed, Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) style politics that ceded much of American policy making to the Republicans. He isn’t in it to disrupt anything. He simply wants the Democratic Party he belongs to, to return to being the Democratic Party he joined.

As do millions of others

Ms. Clinton, who’s foundation actually purchased the DLC in 2011, continues to duck questions and media in an attempt to avoid any controversy or issue that isn’t stage managed by her handlers. This strategy may work BUT it is not what’s best for this country. And, say what you might, but Sen. Sanders doesn’t appear to be in this for his own purposes. He doesn’t seem to be looking to scratch some itch for glory. He genuinely seems to want to help and move the country forward. And that may be the reason he will fail.

Gad, I hope not


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