Tessa Smith – Racist Asshat

“THAT’S IT! Every single black member of this group has caused trouble with everyone and anyone else. I will not deny FACTS as we all can see who is doing what here. I do not need to trust 100% of one race and then have 100% of that one race cause nothing but trouble from the second they arrived {same as the pool teens, the protesters, etc.} all to KEEP trusting them. Call it whatever you please, I will not be bitten by every single breed of one dog before I finally get smart and realize IT IS THAT BREED THAT CANNOT BE TRUSTED. There are NO MORE BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED IN THIS GROUP! Now, go and blame All of the White People for what ALL of the Black People DID, I don’t care, that is not how I roll. TY wink emoticon”

Tessa Smith, Racist Asshat

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I, on the other hand, am not entitled to punch them in the mouth if they say it around me.

And, yet, that has never stopped me. Curious.


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