Bernie Sanders – Gainin’ On Ya?

Morning Consult has published the results of polls it conducted in three early states: Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. And there is good news for Mrs. Clinton and bad news for Mrs. Clinton.

The good news is she continues to lead in all three. The bad news is that only one of these will count in the 2016 election and that is New Hampshire. Iowa and South Carolina will vote for the Republican nominee no matter who it is. In Iowa and South Carolina, Mrs. Clinton’s lead over Sen. Sanders is substantial (54/12 and 56/10, respectively) but in New Hampshire…

Mrs. Clinton’s 44 percent leads Sen. Sanders’ 32 percent. That is a lead but nowhere near what would be expected of a nominee that beat Barack Obama in New Hampshire last time.  Not to mention it is a statistical tie since the margin of error for this poll was +/- 6 percentage points.

This has got to have the Clinton campaign a bit nervous even though there is no need to worry. Yet. It may be time for the Clinton campaign to consider speaking to the press. Or coming up with concrete proposals. Or any reason, whatsoever, to vote for her that doesn’t involve her last name or her genitalia.

We can only hope


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