Gay Marriage Is The Same As Interracial Marriage

Pastors Issue Warning to the Supreme Court ‘Not to Cross This Line’ as Landmark Ruling on Gay Marriage Approaches

You ever wonder why the “Gay marriage is the same as interracial marriage” argument doesn’t work with these people? I did. Until I thought about it and realized that it does work with these people. They absolutely believe that Gay marriage should be treated the same as interracial marriage and vice versa.

The argument, at it’s core, is that you should feel the same way about Gay marriage that you do about interracial marriage. To feel differently is hypocritical and undermines any argument against Gay marriage. Marriage equality proponents use this argument as the final thrust in any debate against their opponents.

Drop mike and walk off the stage

But we’ve made a tremendous mistake. Those of us that aren’t bigoted asshats ASSUME that everyone isn’t a bigoted asshat. One thing that we should have learned when folks (Whites, Blacks, Gays, Straights, etc) were fighting for equal rights for Blacks is that the world is full of bigoted asshats. Our belief that they all disappeared into whatever ring of Hell that the Lord has reserved for them, notwithstanding.

And this.

And the genius of Felix Unger is proven again.

Marriage equality opponents believe that Gay marriage and interracial marriage should be treated the same.

They are both abominations.


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