Ewell Smith on Certainty

Bertrand Russell on Certainty

I always liked this quote, so a few weeks ago when I stumbled across it, along with the name of the person who said it, I googled a picture and, as a way of honoring the tasty quote, made a little meme to share on Facebook. Surprisingly, it triggered anger. I admit that part of my interest is the modern day political value of this quote from 1951 showing how these philosophical conflicts are nothing new but it was not meant to be insulting, its a quote from 1951.

I think it’s doubt that makes you strong, that makes you examine your thoughts as they exist in, and affect, your world, that potentially enhances your life if you are willing to change. It’s certainty and, maybe more importantly, the desire to force your certainty on others that has the more potential to diminish you.

I know we are taught differently in the modern macho world. So the angry person is no longer my friend and considers me a narcissist.

I’m not so sure about that but he is, I’m sure, certain

Ewell Smith (Friend of the RiverHouse)

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