God Bless America?

I can’t get it out of my mind. I didn’t eat at all yesterday and didn’t sleep last night. I keep seeing these faces. Charleston Massacre Victims I keep thinking about what happens when a stranger shows up for Wednesday night Bible Study. I’m not a member of the AME or any other denomination but I am a member of the church of Christ. I know what mid-week Bible Study is like. It’s usually some of the most devout Christians. Those who seek solace not only in the Word but in the fellowship of the Saints.

Visitors are, literally, mobbed by the members. They are showered with attention. Food and coffee is offered. The visitor spends time repeating his life story over and over to people who are genuinely interested. And, a young White man showing up in an AME church in the South would have been treated like the Guest of Honor.

The Pastor would have greeted him joyfully. If the Pastor wasn’t teaching the lesson, he would have insisted on sitting next to the young man. It would have been seen as a unique opportunity to show the Lord’s love. But the hate that is pounded into people today made the Charleston terrorist slaughter these people who only wanted to, and did, love him with the love of the Lord. Dylan Roof is the inevitable result of the poison in our culture.

This young man was a racist. He wore the outfit of the racist. He flew the flags of racist countries. And, finally, he flew the Flag of the American Racist Traitor. MSNBC reported, this morning, that the State of South Carolina joined Dylan Roof in flying that flag.



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