Lindsey Graham on the Symbol of Racist Terrorists: “Part of Who We Are”

No, it’s not a part of “who we are” Sen. Graham. It is a part of “who YOU are”. You are not part of us. You are part of the racist evil that persists in this country. The part that shoots unarmed Black men in the back and kills them with impunity because they know that people like you will always consider yourself part of their group rather than part of America.

You protect them and make excuses for them

Folks like you can’t conceive of actual Americans who don’t look like you. You are a racist. A virulent racist and should not be allowed to participate in polite American society. Your “we” is exclusionary. Your we consists only of White men who hate. White men who hate immigrants. White men who hate Blacks. White men who hate Gays. White men who hate women.

That’s your cohort and last night one of your own massacred 9 people in a terrorist attack that your “we” chokes on even acknowledging.

I am ashamed to say that we wore the same uniform. You sicken me.

Go away. Just go away.

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