Alabama Justice Roy Moore vows to block ‘illegitimate’ marriage equality ruling at state level

Hate is predictable.

The reaction of Alabama Justice Roy Moore and the evil bastages that follow him is not only predictable, it is boring predictable. When Brown v. Board was decided, they closed schools rather than endure the neverending marijuana-fueled rape fest that was the inevitable result of allowing Black boys and White girls to occupy the same classroom.

There might even be (gasp) jazz music.

After the Loving v. Virginia decision legalized mandingo style coupling between Blacks and Whites by OKing interracial marriage, “Christian” preachers proclaimed that it was only a matter of time before that unholy union led to polygamy and bestiality becoming the norm.  The Justice Moores of the time also refused to abide by the law. Saying that no Yankee court could change what God (a big fan of polygamy, by the way) had ordained.

Sound familiar?

They take God’s Word and twist Him into incomprehensible shapes. They then declare it “love” and condemn those they “love” to a lifetime of loneliness and despair. And, just for good measure, they let the “loved” one know that the loneliness and despair will not end when they die because God will “love” them in the same manner and they will reside in Hell eternally because…”love”.

Hurray and Huzzah. Where do I sign up for that program?

When you come on a slug destroying your garden, you can: (1) remove it and relocate it elsewhere; (2) set out intricate traps that humanely drown it in beer late at night; or (3) indulge that part of your lizard brain where a tiny Hannibal Lecter resides and pour salt on it to watch it writhe in agony and melt away squirming and cursing your name.

Pass the fava beans and a glass of that Chianti, will you?


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