Bernie Sanders is “None of the Above”

My Choice for President? None of the Above – The New York Times.

Thomas L. Friedman, without realizing (acknowledging?) it, makes a very convincing case for Bernie Sanders presidency. And, like so many before him, he makes it without mentioning Sen. Sanders. There is this implicit belief that the President of the United States must meet some central casting image requirement that was established during the Camelot days of John F. Kennedy.

Sen. Sanders doesn’t

There is a belief that the president must understand “how things work in Washington” or he/she is a failure. The biggest knock on President Obama continues to be his perceived inability to get things done because he just doesn’t know how to play the Washington game. This in spite of what has become, arguably, the most consequential presidency in the last 25 years. The president has to be a “player”.

Sen. Sanders isn’t

There is a belief that the president has to have a base that he can pander to and rely on to drive his votes. That base is normally extremely ideological and less interested in the truth than slaying the dragons that their leaders identify as the existential threat of the day. The base is just barely more evolved than the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists that haunt the bowels of the Internet but they are beloved by real politicians as a fount of money and guaranteed votes. No one dares disagree with their base.

Sen. Sanders doesn’t have one

He is “none of the above”. A candidate with no natural following other than those who are looking for the country to be more focused on its citizens than its politicians. His ideas have won and the only remaining challenge is to get the American people to understand they can vote for someone that represents their interests.

And they should


One thought on “Bernie Sanders is “None of the Above”

  1. Aside from actual platform policies, this is a beautiful break-down of what makes Bernie Sanders the incredibly unique presidential candidate that he is. A simple ‘container’ or ‘package’ is just fine when you have a remarkable ‘substance’ inside.


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