Bernie Sanders – Environmental Warrior?

Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Make Solar Power More Accessible | ThinkProgress.

Sen. Sanders has shown over and over that he believes in the power of the government, as an instrument of the people, to help the people. Investments in projects and policies that help the people will, in the long run, benefit the people both socially and economically.

That is a basic truth that we all know but we’ve allowed the more traditional politicians to talk us out of it. We’ve let them tell us that fixing the infrastructure that we all use will cost us billions and billions of dollars and, therefore, we can’t do it. Meanwhile, they ignore the trillions in economic activity it would generate.


It really is simple. The initial investment in infrastructure will have to come from somewhere. Much of that somewhere are the pork barrels that our politicians have their snouts firmly buried in. There really aren’t very many ways to get wealthy if you have an annual salary of $175,000 and live in the DC area.

It is all a very delicate dance between lobbyists, corporations, politicians and consultants. You’ll notice that nowhere in that list are the voters mentioned. We don’t matter because we have chosen not to. Yet, we are the keepers of the only valuable thing there is in this country.

Our vote

And, we don’t know how to use it. We squander it. We don’t value it. We waste it. We pledge it to those that have pledged fealty to others who don’t care about us. We vote in people that create laws designed to move money from US to THEM. Don’t be fooled. There is Class Warfare under way and we are losing. It started with Ronald Reagan and his uncanny ability to implant such an overwhelming sense of victimhood in White, Male Democrats, that they voted against themselves, their friends and their families. And they continue to do so to this day.

Why not make a change this time?

Bernie Sanders cares about the American people. Nothing else. Ignore the label. Look at the man and what he stands for. Here’s a proposal to take the benefits of Alternative Energy and make it available to the poor. It addresses (in a much too small way) the danger of Climate Change AND generates jobs as it improves our infrastructure.

This is Sen. Sanders’ “socialism” at work. It is something we need to try.


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