From The RiverHouse

I had to go and pick up the Excursion from Syracuse this morning. The Bulgarian elf that takes care of the puppies when we are away,  doesn’t drive a stick so she uses the Excursion when she stays over. The Excursion has the honor of being the largest production model vehicle made in the United States. It is very large. And, the elf is very small.

A wondrous sight

So Lisa and I drove together in the Hyundai which has the satellite radio stuff. I usually listen to Alternative, First Wave, Lithium or NPR. That is, of course, when I’m not listening to Raw Dog. That morning, we heard an interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Dave Foley’s Aunt) on Morning Joe.

(I know it’s not on any of the channels I listed. Odd)

They asked Sen. Graham his opinion of the Iran nuclear agreement and he went on a prepackaged and predictable tirade about how it was the worst thing that had happened to civilization since..ummm…marriage equality.

He railed. He hollered. He lamented. He declared the end of Israel and ALL OF CREATION! DESTRUCTION! PERDITION! WHACKA! WHACKA! WHACKA! DON’T EAT THAT! WHY DO MY TEETH ITCH?!?

He was just short of a full on Black Baptist preacher grunting, snorting and sweating fighting an offering jones in the middle of August. I waited for one of the JB’s to show up with a cape to cover his quivering body after it came out of its partisan-induced grand mal seizure. Finally, he recovered as the spirit of Lee Atwater left him and floated up toward the light. With a towel over his shoulder.


And, when he was done – when he was finished – one of the hosts said “Have you read it?”.

“Nope”, said Sen. Graham.



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