Weiner on Bernie Sanders. Weiner?

That paragon of virtue, Anthony Weiner (D – Serial Penis Exposer), is out with an article in Business Insider on candidate for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – VT). Mr. Weiner was best known as the bombastic congressman from New York that loved reminding Americans what a good caricature of a NY Jew Liberal should look. The man was like a running Saturday Night Live schtick even before he became a running Saturday Night Live schtick.

In this article, Mr. Weiner establishes his bona fides to comment on Sen. Sanders by telling us how well he knows him. He even gives the obligatory nod to Sen. Sanders mensch-hood. A quick mention of the whacky scientist hairdo (slight deduction for not throwing in the Back to the Future reference) and now we know that whatever he says isn’t coming from hate but love. Good old love for my pal Bernie…

Oh, and did I mention my wife works for Hillary Clinton? And, out come the knives. What has Mr. Weiner so worked up that he has emerged from his well earned exile? Bernie Sanders isn’t a member of the Democratic Party! Gasp! ZOMG! Gadzooks and Zowies!

This is how desperate Hillary Clinton and the former DLC crowd have become? Worse, this is the level of argument the Democratic Party is willing to stomach in the run for the next presidency? We can’t afford another 8 years of banality and politics as usual.

America has to invest in Americans. Not corporations. Not causes. In Americans. We need to save ourselves. And if this is what passes as an issue for the Democratic Party, they don’t deserve to be in power.



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