Donald Trump As Mr. America?

Donald Trump is a problem. That is a fact, in more ways than one.

To the mainstream, Mr. Trump’s antics are forcing the “legitimate” candidates to have to deal with issues that will be problematic during the general election. Mr. Trump’s obsession with immigration and his raw xenophobia are anathema to the Republican Party’s plans to woo Brown voters. Every word that Mr. Trump speaks makes it more difficult for the Republicans to have a coordinated plan to win back the White House.

That is a problem and the Republicans are right to be concerned about it. But their is a worse problem that Mr. Trump represents. It is a problem that affects all Americans – not just Republicans.

Mr. Trump is a legitimate contender drawing a sizable amount of support within the Republican Party. And that support is not a fluke. These are people that agree with what Mr. Trump says and what he represents. These are Americans who believe that the future of this country should be driven by the demented visions of this carnival huckster of a human being.

They see every Brown person as a drug mule intent on breaching our border in order to decapitate a family of Wonder Bread Americans peacefully sleeping in their adobe bungalow and dreaming of American Idol reruns. They see all Blacks as either skipping through the sorghum, singing with the Bluebirds like kindly old Uncle Remus OR mutant cultural vampires with Al Sharpton hairdos, clutching Obamaphones in their hands and demanding HHS vouchers for tattoos and acrylic nails.

Mr. Trump is a man of limited intelligence but unlimited hubris. He has made of career of telling people what he wants them to believe.



And it has worked because those people want to believe as much as he wants them to. They believe in the vision that Mr. Trump is selling of an America that simply needs someone like Mr. Trump ( a serial failure) to speak loudly to our enemies and threaten to sue them when they get out of line. He is Ayn Rand’s superman. A man lacking in basic morals or ethics and driven only to seek celebrity and success at any cost.

The fact that some Americans are buying this load of goat swill, is beyond troubling. It says that there are Americans that truly shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects or plastic dry cleaning bags. They are the new and rising part of this country. They are easily manipulated. They are preprogrammed to identify their betters AND to follow their orders. And they are on a collision course with a Brown demographic tidal wave that will not be stopped.

Welcome to the Trump Generation.



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