Christianists v. Christians – The War Continues

More damage has been done to Christianity by Christian “leaders” than any other source. Ever. Ever. Ever. And, when that damage is done, Christians have a responsibility to forgive the one that did the damage. It is a requirement placed on us by Christ Himself.

Forgiveness is not forgetfulness

We forgive the sin but we don’t forget it. Today we have someone that should need no introduction returning to remind us why that is true. The damage he did to the church (not just his little piece of it) was legendary.

Pastor Jim Bakker blames Obama’s Iran deal for California’s drought and the Second Coming of Christ.

kozl_bakker_150716a-800x430That is the Jim Bakker. Of, Jim and Tammy Faye fame. Sitting in the same position he was in before embezzling millions of dollars and sexing up the office help sent him to prison.

Saying the same things. With the same motivation?  l don’t know. And neither do you. But we both know that prudence requires us to look at anything this man (and others like him) says through the lens of our prior dealings with him.

And that is not an appealing thought


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