Racial Steering In Real Estate

The gulf in cultural knowledge between Whites and Blacks in America always astonishes me. There are things that we all take for granted as a known and that surprise us when others don’t know them. Often, we are unable to believe that those others are sincere in their ignorance.

The most recent example has been the claim by many that they had no idea that the Flag of the American Racist Traitor (or Confederate Battle Flag) was a symbol of hate, terror and racism. I find that hard to believe but it is maintained by many.

In browsing the Internet, I found an old article (2006) from Kenneth R. Harney in the Washington Post: Report Brings An Ugly Practice To Light. The article is about “racial steering” which is the practice of showing certain homes to home buyers based on their race AND the real estate agents prejudices (blatant and subtle). It is one way that we maintain our severely segregated society in the United States.

Mr. Harney presents his information with all of the breathless wonder of a teenager who just discovered his parents album collection in the basement. Racial steering is a given in the United States. Blacks expect it and plan accordingly. Does that make it right? Nope. But can we stop believing that injustices don’t exist until a Liberal- leaning newspaper discovers it?

How about we do something about it? Telling us over and over there is a problem while just letting it fester and continue helps no one. Mr. Harney reported this in 2006. It is just as much trouble today.

Mr. Harney reported it. The Washington Post published it. Many people read it. And it continues.

Deeds not words


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