Clinton or Trump? Meh.

Power in the United States Government lies with Congress. Meaningful change (positive or negative) can only happen with Congress’ consent. While it would be great to see neither of these extremely flawed candidates be President, it is significantly more important that the makeup of Congress be changed. At the end of the day, the occupant of the White House only matters if they also have a majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate OR if they are wildly popular OR if the House and Senate decide they matter. None of those is the case with either of the nominees.
They just don’t matter
Then what does? What matters if the Presidency doesn’t? The Congress. That group of 535 power mad individuals that actually run the country from their leather upholstered seats in the Capitol. They’ve created rules to allow them to remain in power indefinitely, to enrich themselves at the expense of the American people, and to give their own personal prejudices and bigotries the power of law. They take bribes and call them contributions. They control the money in a capitalist society where the biggest teat to feed at is supplied by the American people via the government.
In our society, our CAPITALIST society, the power of the purse is the ultimate power. A Republican majority is the most dangerous thing to our country there is. The President is becoming more and more a figurehead with limited power and authority. If you still believe that the President’s office is the real gamechanger here, just count how many Supreme Court justices we now have. The President nominated and the Congress told him to pound sand. He made some “I’m upset” noises. Congress ignored him and moved on. Meanwhile, Scalia’s seat sits empty until the Legislature decides it doesn’t.
As Congress decreed
Thousands of innocent Americas are slaughtered in the street but the NRA pays the legislature to let that happen. So it does. Let that sink in. The NRA pays Congress to look the other way while American voters (Congress’ constituency) are killed. And they do. Without shame and, more tellingly, without concern for their job.
Over 85 percent of Americans wanted to action taken after kindergartners were massacred at Sandy Hook. Bullets tore their little bodies apart. Blasted their brains against the walls that held their Hello Kitty backpacks and their dreams to just grow up. 85 percent of Americans just asked Congress for a law to check and see if the person getting a gun was likely to kill another group of children. President Obama was one of those 85 percent. He spoke. The NRA paid Congress to say “no”. He cried. The NRA paid Congress to say “no”.  He implored.The NRA paid Congress to say “no”. He demanded. The NRA paid Congress to say “no”.  He begged.The NRA paid Congress to say “no”. And, nothing happened.
As Congress decreed
Keep falling for the Trump head fake. On November 8th, Trump will be soundly defeated, Clinton will be President, and the Republicans will remain in power. Democrats will rejoice at winning the Presidency. Republicans will rejoice at winning America. Again. We will continue to unravel but, hey, as long as Clinton realizes her lifelong megalomania, who are we to complain about a little thing like losing the American dream.
Meanwhile, we’ll watch the Republicans continue to push their causes of racism, sexism, classism, misogyny, xenophobia, religious bigotry and homophobia. Those causes will advance because the Republicans decide who is on the judiciary. The Republicans decide how funds are spent. The Republicans decide what issues are addressed.
Four years of Clinton’s feckless and (most likely) scandal-ridden Presidency will lead to the election of Marco Rubio and a Republican majority in the House and Senate. The Senate’s refusal to act on the two Supreme Court openings during the Clinton Administration will give President Rubio the chance to place two ultra-Right justices on SCOTUS. A chance he will gladly take.
They will pass on a party line vote
Roe v. Wade will be overturned. Civil liberties will be rolled back. Civil rights will be a second thought (if a thought at all). Voting will be a privilege that fewer and fewer Americans will be afforded as more and more restrictions designed to suppress voting by minorities, and anyone else who isn’t a “real American”, will be enacted.
Environmental protection legislation will be reversed. America’s forests, wetlands, coasts and parks will be opened to indiscriminate energy exploration and production. Climate change will continue its inexorable march as it is declared a “hoax” at the direction of the Chamber of Commerce. More species will go extinct. Our oceans will accelerate their decline.
Clinton will still be President
All because Clinton and the Democratic Establishment has convinced you that Trump is scarier than the Republicans. He isn’t.
The enemy is the entire political establishment. That includes both the major parties and the second tier Green and Libertarian Parties.
Clinton or Trump or Johnson or Stein. None of them matter. Paul Ryan figured this out. Why do you think he didn’t run for President in a year that any Republican other than Trump or Cruz would beat Clinton? Because running the Legislature is running the country. Managing the Administration is just managing the Administration.
Ryan wants to run the country and Clinton wants an entry on her LinkedIn profile
And, only one of those is subject to term limitations. The other could rule over the United States for quite a while.

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