Zika Funding By Niggerial Fiat

The President acted to move money around so that there was some funding (not enough) for Zika vaccine development. He did this because Congress went on vacation just as it became apparent Zika had reached our shores. And they punted on funding.

So again the President must use his power as the Chief Executive Officer to fill the hole created by Democratic and Republican insistence on doing nothing but feathering their own nests. We have employees that spend all of their time making sure they keep their job without actually doing their job.

And now we listen to the wails of “Executive Overreach” and “Dictator” and “Socialist” (they don’t know why they said it either). Every name they can think of when all of the while, in the back of their skull, wrapped around the base of their spine, is an evil, malignancy that they just can’t shake.

Say it

It begs them to say the word. That word they long to say. That word that has the power to remind everyone that no matter how low they may be on the totem pole, there was always someone lower in the Land of the Free.

Say it

Scream it out. Don’t just say it. That would be losing. It would be showing they can limit how you can use the rhetorical cutlass that it is. It’s a word made to be used. To beat and bash and bludgeon. To pummel and pound. To destroy.


It’s just a word. They use it all of the time. Why can’t we? What about our rights? Go ahead.



We’re waiting.

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