Do Vaccines Work In Politics?

On POLITICO.COM today, Cory Bennett tries to give good political cover to the Democrats against the shoe that hasn’t dropped from the DNC email hack. He doesn’t try to hide his intention.

Democrats’ new warning: Leaks could include Russian lies

The headline couldn’t be more clear. Just in case you didn’t get it, the subhead pounds it home:

The move could help inoculate Hillary Clinton against an October cyber surprise.

It’s crisis management as vaccine. The Clintons aren’t satisfied with getting in front of a crisis after it has happened. They are doing whatever is needed to kill it before it ever draws breath. While it’s still just a fantasy of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

They define the issue. Define its credibility. Define the response. Define the reaction. All before anything has happened. It worked with the first DNC leak which showed a level of collusion and corruption at the DNC that was stunning. The Democratic rank-and-file were put in the position of, once again, having to pretend they didn’t notice the reek of corruption permeating their party and now on display to the world. But how? How?


As the Cold War was truly coming to an end, Cold Warriors on both sides realized they might be out of a job in the fairly near future. Some accepted that fate and moved on to supporting the defense of their country against new threats. Some did not. In this country, those that did not, spent years screaming “Russians!” at every threat, real or imagined. Americans ate it up because, ashamedly, many never knew the difference between the old Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

The Russians took their traditional place as uber-villains. The Democrats are just trying to ride on those coattails. It’s a good choice. No one, except an insane person, is going to defend the Russians. Or Vladimir Putin.

So, what has Leader Pelosi said? Actually said without all of the fluff and nonsense? The cover designed to allow her to say nothing but to show in a court of law, if it comes to that, she said nothing more than the absolute truth. Well, here it is reduced to simple words:

  • There are additional emails.
  • We’ve seen them and know what they are.
  • They are all legitimate and some are very damaging politically.
  • The ransom was too high for us to pay and we are negotiating.
  • We believe we’ll come to a price but may not.
  • If not, Russians!

And, so ridiculous and meaningless sentences like:

“This leads many cyber experts to suspect that any release of faked emails, if it comes at all, would probably not come until days before the Nov. 8 election.”

Let that roam around in your brain for a bit. Get the flavor to linger. Draw some air over it. Inhale the heady, earthy fragrance of…


It might as well read:

“Some amount of somebodies suspect that something of somethings, maybe, might be sometime.”

And, the Democratic rank-and-file lap it up while the rest of us shrink a bit more under Clinton fatigue. We prepare for the banging about the head-and-shoulders from our Democratic friends and their enablers as we watch this poorly supported theory spread among the Democratic establishment. Their insistence that only our complete declared unwavering belief in this nonsense satisfies the true meaning of “tolerance”.

Genuine questions raised by genuine information in the emails will be ignored as the Democratic establishment insists we all set our hair on fire and run around shrieking that the Russians are coming. Manafort! Trump! Ukraine! Trump! Putin! Trump! Trump! Trump!

A few hardheaded souls like me will keep on saying “Yeah, but what about the contents of the email? WHAT ABOUT WHAT THEY SAID IN THE EMAIL?” Having been through it, I can tell you what the answer is to that: “You just want to elect Trump! Why do you love Hitler so?!”

If there is even one person that believes holding the person who wants to be President of the United States responsible for her actions and the actions of those who report to her is loving Hitler, then we are too far gone to save. We have an entire political party that believes that. An entire political party.

  • Eliot

[This is, of course, a conspiracy theory with little actual direct support.]




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