Trump! Trump! Trump!

I’m taking the rare step of reposting something I just posted on Facebook. I had to. Here’s why.

These are real people. Saying real things. Showing how they really feel. In Massachusetts.

I’ve been to Massachusetts. It is not the most racially tolerant place on earth. Not even in the top 80 percent. Neither the words that were said or the topics surprised me and I doubt they would surprise most Black folks. But I do want my White friends to understand this from the video.

Those guys you see? Those guys you hear? If it is ever just late enough AND they are just drunk enough AND it is just dark enough AND there are just enough of them together, your friend Eliot is well and truly fucked.

Every time.

(Insert standard gun as magic talisman argument here which I will summarily ignore because it is both nonsense and irrelevant)

These guys are always ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. That is the other talk we have with our Black sons. Once they get old enough to become a threat to the American Boers. Steer clear. Give them a wide berth but NEVER GIVE THEM GROUND. Never. Your ancestors fought, bled and died for that ground.

If need be, you will do the same.

I’m glad some of you get to finally see what is in the minds of Trump supporters. What is meant when they say what they say to our faces and they do what they do in their displays of uber-Patriotism. What America will look like when they get finished making it great again. What the Voice of “Heritage Not Hate” sounds like. You’ve got to admit that they are true to their heritage.

Rest assured, you’re not part of their America.

Well, most of you aren’t.

  • Eliot

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