It’s Not Always Sexism


This morning, Mika Brzezinski admitted that Hillary Clinton needs to stop screaming and modulate her speech so that it is effective. Not because she’s a woman but because it sounds unnatural and humans instinctively fear sounds which are out of place. When she speaks as Hillary Clinton, people listen and understand. When she mimics Donald Trump‘s hyperbolic, bombastic, carnival barker tones,  people turn away and stop listening. Because she’s a woman? Nope. Because it’s fake.

I’d also suggest that someone explain to her that Giorgio Armani makes beautiful dark monotone clothes. Get rid of the upholstery. It is distracting and unnecessary. It reminds us that she is a member of the .001% and we start wondering how she got there. And that plays into the “she must be corrupt” feeling most people have about Clinton. People without jobs or prospects do not want to see a jacket that obviously costs more than  they made last year. Or the year before. Or the year bef… you get it.

There’s a reason male politicians don’t wear zoot suits.

Next, focus on the issue Americans are focused on. I understand she has spent years working on children’s issues and that is laudable. The welfare of our children is important  but it simply is not the issue that most Americans will base their vote on. It won’t win over the voters that she needs. She needs James Carville to tell her that it’s STILL the economy, stupid. If the average voter can’t understand or, better yet,  explain her economic plan, she’s doing it all wrong. Not in all its wonky detail but well enough to talk to his neighbor. 9-9-9 was a landmark in human stupidity BUT we all remember it.

Condense it, simplify it, and hammer it home.

Last, she needs the Black/Brown vote. She can’t rely on the soft-racist vote that she begged to help her against Obama. Donald Trump is their natural standard-bearer and he is riding them home. Let them go. They represent the worst of America and will soon be extinct. Perhaps a South Africa style “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to address police violence in this country. It will show that she’s concerned about the issue without actually having to do anything other than let folks vent in a public forum. If actual ideas come out of it, more the better.

Without these changes, she is in jeopardy of losing to Trump. And, for a woman trying to make history, she doesn’t want to be remembered as the woman that led to the Presidency of the last openly bigoted President of the United States.


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