Seize the Deification

In The Huffington Post’s The Racial Wage Gap Between Black And White Workers Is Getting Worse, Pay for black workers lags behind that of white peers more than it did in 1979 by Daniel Marans, Marans does a fine job of dealing with the issue in the title. As I was reading it, I kept thinking about something I had recently seen on TV. Something to do with the President.

Then it hit me

In the middle of all this data (as depressing as it is) lurks another strange truth. That could be the ascendancy to the top of the pile of Black American heroes. Leaping over all others, even the sainted Martin Luther King, Jr. Barack Hussein Obama. The first Black President.

Barack Hussein Obama

He is able to preside over a nation in which murder of innocent and unarmed Black men by the police is widely believed (mistakenly) to be at EPIDEMIC LEVELS. Most Americans (Black, White, Red, Yellow & Brown) believe that Chicago, his home town, is a killing zone in which gangs of Black youth indiscriminately kill anyone on the street. And now this news that the wage gap between Blacks and Whites is not only not getting better, it has actually gotten worse.

While he was President

His reaction to this? To get up behind his pulpit and let Black folks know that he will be personally offended if they did not get out there and vote for Hillary Clinton. WE would be offending HIM by not voting.

For all that he did for them while he was President

Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time figuring out just what that was. What did the President do that was specifically designed to help the group of Black folks he was demanding fealty from? Nothing. And he knows it. He wasn’t really making the argument that was coming out of his mouth.

I think he was making the same assumption his opposition makes: Blacks vote as one.

In this case, you vote for Hillary Clinton because I, Barack Obama, am Black and I, Barack Obama, am the determiner when it comes to political goals of all Black Americans.

Hubris? Not really. He is just taking advantage of all peoples instinctual desire to take the easy way out. Nothing easier than letting someone else do your thinking for you. Eh, Democrats? Republicans?

Don’t get me wrong. I believe Barack Obama was the President we needed for the last 8 years. Did I agree with everything he did? Nope. But much of what he did that I didn’t agree with worked. So, there’s that.

Would I vote for him again given the current choices? In a heartbeat but not because I’m Black. It would have to be in spite of the fact I’m Black. Barack Obama has been a nightmare for Black folks. We’ve had virtually no participation in the economic comeback. Much of the improved profits were on the backs of working folks squarely n the socioeconomic classes Blacks routinely inhabit. Once again, Blacks gave a bit of the gains we had made so that the country can bounce back. But there’s been a net gain. As there always is as we continue our journey to truly realizing that “All men are created equal” meant exactly that.

Our young and our children have embraced the lesson of Dr. King. They come on bended knee before the country of their birth. The country that promises them equal treatment under the law. The country that reveres those that fought for those children’s rights. They ask that country recognize that they are afraid. That they are in danger. That they just want their country to say their life matters.

On bended knee.

And on we go.

  • Eliot



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